#6086454, By MoFo UK general election 2010

  • MoFo 28 Apr 2010 10:46:28 282 posts
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    I just did the Votematch thing and it says I'm 47% Conservative, 36% labour and 27% Lib Dem. Surprisingly though it said I was something like 75% UKIP!

    I guess this shows what I feel, that I disagree with more than half of what the top three parties are offering. Even though Conservatives come up highest I absolutely despise them. And I may agree with 75% of the UKIP policies but the policies I disagree on are quite important to me so no chance am I voting for them.

    So that leaves me where I seem to be come every election. Not having a bloody clue who to vote for but feeling like I should vote. I wish we could vote on policies rather than parties.
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