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    The "amnesty" thing btw, is quite overblown. At the present time we already have a "14 year rule" for illegal immigrants - if they've been here for 14 years without breaking any laws and without having been served a notice of intention to deport then they can apply for leave to remain. If you have been here ten years with legal leave then you can also apply. All the Lib Dems are doing is reducing the "illegal" rule by 4 years. All this bollocks about an "amnesty" is completely overblown.

    And of course, a lot of these people who have been here for ten years are Zimbabweans etc. who have been served completely ridiculous asylum decisions and are clinging on for dear life whilst their country falls into even deeper ruin. It's not like theyre just here to SCROUNGE OFF THE STATE INNIT. Anyway. I think Immigration was on the last page, I just had to have a shit!
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