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    And I sometimes wonder if people know what asylum seekers are. They are seeking refuge from PERSECUTION. These are people suffering under Mugabe's regime, or caught in the cross-fire in Mogadishu. They aren't SCROUNGING OFF OUR BENEFITS cuz we're a SOFT TOUCH. Get a grip.

    I agree but you have to wonder why they make there way through plenty of good countries in Europe and then claim asylum once they cross the channel.

    Well, Zimbabweans generally come straight here. And it's probably because we ran their country for so many years and have a direct cultural influence on their future we will find hard to ever shake off.

    As for Afghans, the other big asylum-claimant-producing-nation, they generally find their way here 1) because the UK is where many of the agents take them to (remember, asylum-seekers go where their agents send them) and 2) because Italy and Greece's asylum systems are so atrocious they're in danger of breaching international law, and I believe they're both being taken to court over it. Britain is still seen as a country of values, as the birthplace of democracy, as a place where human rights are respected! I know!

    However, many, many asylum seekers DO end up in the rest of Europe, so the debate around why "they all end up here" has to stop really.

    But basically, as I say, it's a complete non-issue.
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