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    Khanivor wrote:
    Perhaps if the FSA hadn't been a long running joke for decades then things might not have turned out so bad.

    Mm. The FSA gained most of its regulatory powers in 2000. Long-running joke for decades? Not even a decade. Might be trivial but it suggests that your historical perspective as regards regulation is a little bit suspect.

    In the circles I moved in, the FSA was resented because it regulated too much, not too little. Constant whining from the banking industry about how it interfered with their ability to make cash.

    Bremenacht wrote:
    Well, the FSA know their day is done if the tories get in, which explains their sudden interest in enforcement and pre-emptive scrutiny.
    Not so much. From what I understand, people at the FSA know that if the Tories get in, they'll be doing exactly the same thing but with a different name on their payslip.
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