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    Ok have been looking forward to this game and have just played through the demo and thought I'd post my initial thoughts. Would appreciate any other thoughts, constructive comments, and any outcomes that you discovered from the "Crime scene", as to me it seemed nothing more than tedious.

    Controls and movement generally felt clunky and un-intuative and overall it felt more like playing Dragons Lair than anything like what has been already reported in all the press hyperbole.

    Really would have preferred movement on LT and to not have to keep the R button down at the same time as it doesn't feel natural.

    The characters heads don't always seem to follow correctly with the body.

    Movement around the apartment in "Sleazy place" seemed very akward indeed and it took me several attempts to position the character just to find the promt to be able to leave the card on the table, and similarly to open the curtain.

    The controls are supposed to be "intuative"? Well, I can't remember the last time I had to contort 3 fingers just to be able to slide through a narrow space or climb up an embankment.

    I presume that the only difference between the "easy", "medium" and "hard" modes are the speeds in which you have to react to the action prompts?

    Don't understand the relevance of the measure of "0.635 inches" or whatever at the beginning of each scene.

    On the positive, I liked the music and the intro scenes with the water pouring over the Sony and Quantic dream logo in selective focus.

    Overall, this hasn't been as as good an experience as I had hoped and am glad this is a video game though, as if it had been a movie then I would have left after the first 20 minutes.

    I will probabaly buy when it hits the 2nd hand shelves, that also gives me time to complete another couple of games already started.
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