#5855850, By mr_steve100 I just bought my first property!

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    I got an offer for a flat accepted this morning. I'm genuinely excited about living away from the riff-raff in a place of my own.

    Anybody done the big purchase recently? What horrifying financial payments might I have forgotten to take into account in my calculations? How quickly is it all going to go wrong?

    Electric / gas / water / council tax / house insurance / life insurance / food / mortgage establishment fee / estate agent's fee / redecoration of the flat / security system to keep the riff raff out / contents insurance in case the riff raff bypass the security system / pots and pans and crockery and cutlery / broadband / phone line rental / tv licence / sky tv (if you're into all that stuff) / etc

    All of the above, anything that you currently use but don't remember paying for, and don't forget the stamp duty at 1% on anything up to ... can't remember, something like 250k? I forgot that and found a hole in my figures. That'll probably be your biggest outlay in the first instance, before you even get into your flat.

    I've just bought a flat, too. Best tip I can offer is if you think the solicitors are taking their time, they probably are and so you should phone up yours and the estate agent to keep things going. Am waiting for contracts to exchange and hoping to move in before Easter weekend. All very exciting stuff!! I don't know if it's just me being sad or it's what happens, but I can't wait to decorate the place and fill it up with stuff I've always wanted.

    Hope it all goes swimmingly.
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