#5868922, By chudders Supreme Commander 2 demo for release on Steam today?

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    Agreed with what IainMcKenzie said after playing the demo last night. I can't honestly say there is any particular part which i feel is an improvement over the original. There's just too many things to list, but I'll give it a go:

    Eco model. Won't go into too much here as it's been covered, suffice to say that I barely even considered my mass/energy as it's just not that important any more. You either have it or you don't if you don't it's simply a matter of waiting a few seconds. Hardly any consideration is needed. Engineer assists are out fo the window, research resource comes thinck and fast which results in research spamming, and power plants are pretty redudant (I.e. you can place 5 of these and don't have to worry about energy any more).

    Maps - pretty bland and ugly for the most part.

    Units - dear god, the awful colours aside, the actual models are shit ugly. They look like they are made of duplo bricks. SC1 had fairly distincive unit models and art style, especially the cybran and illuminate. Now they all look similar, and have none of the inidivudual charm of the originals. Fatboy is fugly, tanks are fugly, Cybran commander is ugly even the UEF commander looks like a transformer drawn by a 4 year old.

    Game engine - yes the zoom is there (thank god) but everything seems to be less flexible than before. Air units, either seem larger or are floating around about a metre off the ground. Building placements are enormous, and now require that you leave space around them for units to get through (this was never an issue with the previous engine, all taken care of) upgrades just pop into existence (as do textures such as foliage) formations of tanks just rush into each other and shoot point blank - which looks absurd. You can't about face your formations, queueing units in the hud doesn't show the number in the unit build box, but in a seperate, smaller box at the side, and setting patrol orders via left shift doesn't seem to work either, and there are no tool tips showing what units do. Everything just seems bigger, blockier and uglier, not nearly as refined as in the first.

    Some other gripes include the atrocious voice acting and dialogue (I'm gonna bring the hurt down on you!) The main UEF character looks like a spitting image puppet you want to punch, whatever canon (although admittedly fairly secondary in the first) seems to have been completely ignored, (e.g. UEF buildings now have C&C style pop up gantries when building) the Research tree means that unit variety is pretty poor as all you do is upgrade existing ugly models, experimentals (although we haven't seen them all) are rubbish, the campaign ai is stupid and, god, I'm not sure I can go on.

    I hate the sound of my own whining but I had hoped that it wasn't as bad as I had heard - unfortunately, it's actually worse. I can't say how disappointed I am as SC/FA is one of my favourite games of the past 10 years and one I repeatedly go back to.

    The only thing I do like is the heat shimmer from the gunships, the depth level in some of the maps (i.e. falling down a chasm) the auto repair by engineers and the fact that it runs ok.

    I just hope the full game has some redeeming features.
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