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    Umm don't mean to necro the thread but I just came across a great EP that might be of interest to a few here. It's called "The Last Pale Light in the West" and it's by a guy called Ben Nichols. It seems to have gotten a very limited cd release but is available for download quite widely at reasonable prices.

    It's a concept album based on Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian which is a fantastic book in its own right. It's a kind of lo-fi country similar to Bonnie and Smog but instead of trying to describe it too deeply here's a couple of youtube links to speak for it:

    (the last one is pretty low quality though)

    Having read Blood Meridian isn't strictly necessary but would definitely help. In fact, ideally i'd suggest giving the album a listen, then read the book, then go back and listen to the album in a whole new light.

    I give it five bloodied scalps out of five! :)

    Anyone else got any new recommendations?
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