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    Sounds like you need Saiki's stage too, who is unlocked in Arcade mode.

    XIII is SNK pulling out all of the stops and succeeding. I am having so much fun with the new systems in place it's unreal. Moves I have always wanted to string together can now be done thanks to Hyperdrive and Drive Cancels.

    Creating your own combo is now more relevent than it ever has been and you can do some comftable damage with it.

    The whole hopping that has been in KoF for years is now open to everyone, taught to you in the tutorial mode, which is great because it's considered an essential fundemental that can completely screw up anti-airs and wake ups.

    Kudos for the music too, rather than enjoying one or two team themes I'm finding myself enjoying the majority of them now, well produced and relevant to the teams.

    Finally well I needn't mention the sprites and backgrounds but I will, simply gorgeous, couple this with SNK's expertise for fluid animation and you've got a winner.
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