#9454199, By King of Fighters XIII

  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 15:45:57
    Yep and yep!

    I'm a big King fan personally, she probably my main when I think about it. Love her aerial super, really good for doing a large jump forward and baiting people into trying to hit you before toasting them with it.

    The last boss guy/gal/can't quite tell is indeed as cheap as they come. I heard that if you crouch in the corner and just keep sweeping, you should be able to cheese them. Although I don't like being cheap, when the AI is being dirt cheap I feel it's called for!

    Come to think of it, I think Dural from Virta Fighter is probably the fairest boss in a beat 'em up. She's still tough as nails and has a speed/power advantage, but I've been able to score perfect rounds against her using my usual skills and tactics.
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