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    boo wrote:
    Dance music afficionados - a question.

    Currently listening to Titanium by David Guetta, and it's a good example of something I've noticed with this modern dance music thang.

    It appears that when the track's in full swing, the volume dips slightly as the bass drum plays, so you get this 'pulsing' feel to it.

    Is that actually happening? I.e. have they sat there in the studio adjusting the volume for every beat to make the bass drum stand out, or is it just my ears playing tricks on me, and the drum just stands out above everything else?
    They haven't manually adjusted the volume around every kick but have used compression to give the kick more room to breathe. Every time the kick hits, the compressor dips other sounds which gives that pumping sound. In my music (hard dance), I just eq the frequencies out and try to use as little compression as possible.
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