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    I've just sent this, I'd be interested if people agree with my reading of the situation:

    Dear BBC Trust,

    I am writing to respond to the consultation about the Strategic Review recently published by the Trust. I urge you not to continue with your plans to make cuts to the BBC in this way. I am a listener to 6music and supporter of the BBC's previously initiatives to be an inclusive and representative reflection of the nation.

    The publicised argument for closing these stations that the commercial sector can provide a replacement or fill the gap left by the stations does not stand up to scrutiny in my opinion. I appreciate that the stations have a smaller listenership compared to other parts of the corporation presumably because these stations service a niche audience with significant but limited appeal. For this reason alone it appears counterintuitive that the stations would be attractive to commercial exploitation by an organisation that is funded differently to the BBC and that, contrary to the published argument, would make these stations an exemplar for public service broadcasting. In many ways this argument would be much more accurately applied to Radio 1, Radio 2 or BBC1 and BBC3 TV channels.

    Secondly the BBC's stated objective to spend more money on quality programming also appears to be poorly served by these changes. 6 music, for the most part, provides a depth and breadth of quality music programming that is not available anywhere else in UK broadcast media particularly focussing on types of music that have limited exposure elsewhere. Again the quality of programming on BBC3 would compare unfavourably with its TV competitors whilst 6music compares very favourably with the output of many of its peers.

    Thirdly, the proposed alterations to Radio2 to maintain or reverse the recent trend for it to appeal to a younger listenership would further exacerbate the gap that would be left by a station such as 6music. I am 33 years old as I travel away from the demographic serviced by Radio 1 and the demographic serviced by Radio2 either maintains its distance or moves further away from me I struggle to see a station other than 6music that is directed at my age group.

    To summarise, in terms of Public Service Broadcasting, providing a balanced service to all license fee payers and improving the level of quality programming across the corporation these proposals fall down at every stage.

    Whilst I appreciate the BBCs requirements to work to a budget and that cuts may be necessary, please don't go ahead with the current plans to make these cuts and find alternative ways to make sure the BBC can continue to do what it does best in the future.
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