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    Ethan got shot by Scott but ends up returning the favour on the crane at the end (I was itching for more prompts to shoot. I was so wound up with his betrayal).

    Lauren died in the car. I actually suspected her.

    Madison survived the fire in the fridge and came to Ethan's aid.

    Shaun survived and had the happy ending with Madison and Ethan in the flat.

    Jayden gave up. Saw the blood coming down his face and couldnt go on. He resigned from the FBI. Partial user of drugs.

    I shot the religious guy without hesitation much to my regret. Shot the drug dealer after a bit of thought thinking his family was fake. Fluffed the electric maze. Drank the poison or so I thought. Guessed the right location because of the sea noises. For some reason I saved the guy from a heart attack even though I had killed about 20 people getting to him (great section).

    Loved the game and especially as a father couldn't bear to lose Shaun. The balloon scene at the start is every father's worst nightmare.
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