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    Up to Act 5 now. It's, well, it looks beautiful. For the first few minutes I was astonished in the improvements they'd made graphically. Possibly the best looking game I've played.

    Unfortunately the same doesn't ring true throughout. Since Gears 2 I've found the whole series to be pretty stagnant, which is odd because I was a huge fan of the first. Perhaps it's the relentless onslaught. There's barely a moments downtime here, relentless, repetitive shootouts followed by some stunning set pieces which all feel a little mechanical and predictable.

    Not bothered to look at the Horde or Beast options yet but I've no doubt they'll be good fun additions. Not that I have the time to spend on multiplayer these days sadly. If a game can't drag me in with its single player campaign I very rarely stick around to experience the online offering.

    No doubting this is a brilliantly well made, solidly constructed title with tons of options and plenty of multiplayer modes but for me, on a personal level, I'm fairly burnt out on the 'balls to the wall' shooter.
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