#5876260, By citizen36 Left-Handed/Southpaw Gaming (especially in regards to the FPS genre)

  • citizen36 28 Feb 2010 19:42:26 42 posts
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    It is a most frustrating situation. I'm right handed but having the Goldeneye 'southpaw' scheme hardwired into my feeble 40 year old brain means change is nigh on impossible.
    Did play through Bioshock, but died...a lot.

    I recently bought a lefty controller from unitfoxhound on ebay in order to enjoy Borderlands (has a southpaw setting but also swaps triggers...not good)...he may well make you one.
    This will not solve the problem entirely, of course, as many games, even those which include a southpaw setting ( Mass effect 2...movement and sprint on R stick and A button respectively, requiring 2 thumbs...playtesters please) have gimped controls usually preventing sprinting or jumping without resorting to finger gymnastics.

    If developers allowed mapping to lb, rb, R3 and L3 all would be well in the world.

    Fortunately I can use scissors and can openers.
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