#5889131, By Veracity Xcom: Enemy Unkown or Planescape Torment

  • Veracity 3 Mar 2010 20:17:24 352 posts
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    Too late, but Torment, really easily. I think it's still pretty, but I don't have the issues many seem to with low res or 4:3. You might end up deciding to play it again at some point (the central plot is on rails, but how you get through it can vary a fair bit, and not in the Bioware sense of four macguffins in any (freedom!) order and a morality slider), but you can get through it once really quickly. X-Com takes forever to play. It's also not as good as Jagged Alliance 2, but that's probably a lynching-worthy opinion. JA2 doesn't have aliens, but it does have giant bugs if you use sci-fi mode. Also very silly rocket rifles, unfortunately.

    Does the X-Com on Steam fix that bug that kept resetting the difficulty to easy?
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