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    JBlokeUK wrote:
    Did anyone read the review of this? Probably the worst review I've read of any game, ever. The writer clearly didn't give a toss about it even before reviewing the game and certainly has never played a SOCOM game before. I honestly couldn't believe what I was reading. For a game that is historically a brilliant multiplayer game, he barely mentions the multiplayer!

    Exactly. He clearly didn't give two shits about the game.

    I don't mind the personal opinion etc. But when I read a REVIEW I expect to come away from the review informed on features that the series is known for, you know like multiplayer! Not two vague paragraphs.

    To be honest the way the review read I was seriously shocked it didn't get less than 5. Not that the final score matters or anything, I've noticed this trend with a couple of reviews lately as well.
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