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    darkmorgado wrote:
    But don't you think that if they've launched a scheme that could release a game early, they might have people working on a Sunday on this occasion?
    That would have to be some pretty impressive coding on their part. Even this seemingly autopilot countdown requires maintenance, and they're probably leisurely keeping an eye on it at home, next to checking their e-mail or what have you. Automation is too unpredictable.

    That's why Valve have never automated a release before. Besides, keeping a select few workers on Sunday would be pretty unfair to those involved, and it would oppose the company's culture Gabe reiterated in numerous interviews.

    There are many other factors at play here, too - allowing people who planned a last minute pre-order to have a chance, not screwing over retailers and those who pre-ordered from them, making this promotion long enough to maximise profits, and so on and so forth.
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