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    M83J01P97 wrote:
    SuperBas wrote:
    Oh snap, it'll unlock on Monday night, so I'll be asleep when it's unlocked, get to work an entire day, then play it anyway when I get home, regardless of the game unlocking early or not?


    ARG's are shit. It's always the extremely clever people solving the puzzles, while 99% of the "player"-base is reading what's going on, thinking "ah, ok". The only way this would have been worthwhile is if the game unlocked during the weekend, it announced Episode 3, or did something else amazing. It didn't do any of those things.

    It promoted a bunch of indie games by wrapping them up in the whole Portal 2 hype... And that was pretty obviously the point from the beggining. As I said earlier, I just hope those indie developers come off better than Valve because of this 'stunt'
    It promoted a bunch of indie games that had absolutely nothing to do with Portal 2 in any shape or form, and neither did it unveil anything of consequence or even related to Portal 2. Then there's the fact that this promotion could easily exist without Portal 2, and while the profits probably wouldn't be as high, that's hardly an excuse to tack these releases onto a big mainstream title.

    Not to mention most of these independent developers already 'have it made'. Killing Floor and Audiosurf need no further exposure, Amnesia sold far better than its developers expected even before this sale, and so on and so forth. Additional content for Portal or HL with hidden bastard hard challenges would have made much more sense, and people would actually play them, not obsess over playing hours just to unlock the game a few hours early.

    I am not that bothered by this, but I think it could have been handled much, much better.

    Also, I was full of shit when I said 36 potatoes lead to the Portal 2 achievement. It's far more likely you get a golden potato next to your name, which will stay even after this thing blows over.
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