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    One thing that bugged me was the switch to video at the end, it was grainy and low rez compared to the game.
    Feel the same way. Valve always strived to keep the player within the game, what with the stunning explosion at the end of Half-Life 2. Here, the ending felt cheap, random and frankly rushed. I loved hearing Ellen's opera-singing prowess in all its glory, but it was misplaced.

    Well the popular theory among certain circles right now (based on the in game commentary) is that the ending is actually all in Chell's head, hence the slightly crazy and unreal aspect of it. Apparently the devs mention a few time that they wanted to 'play with your head' during Portal 2
    I don't think so. The game messes with your head plenty of times without the ending, and Valve trolls all the time. Erik Wolpaw had jokingly hinted at Cave's actual appearance, outdoors-related gameplay and even the G-Man.

    On the other hand... Chell surviving the button trap is far too suspicious, so maybe that crazy theory is going somewhere.
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