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    A truly excellent game, but not a 10/10 imho and here's why (SP, not played MP yet):

    Firstly and most importantly for me - the difficulty. It just wasn't hard enough which sounds very conceited but personally the longest i was stumped on any of the puzzles was about 10 mins. Most of the time the actual doing took longer than the working out how to do. I think i only died twice to stupidity, every other death was hunting for achievements :p Even though Portal was a far shorter game, it felt harder.

    There seemed to be a lot less of the "portal redirect in flight" mechanic, in fact i can only remember one challenge where that kind of rapid orientation and aim was critical. Everything else felt like once you had the solution you just bounce around til the exit. There was no room where for example you generated a set amount of momentum at the start and had to conserve in through a number of portal placements.

    There was no level that had all of the mechanics involved - all 3 gels, the light bridge, the gravity funnel, turrets and cubes. I was waiting for the stupidly hard room but it never materialised unfortunately.

    The song at the end was not a patch on "Still Alive", neither in impact or humour. TBH i feel Portal 2 actually suffers because it is a sequel, the wondement has gone and been replaced by a conforting familiarity, which is not bad per se, but not the same as that initial buzz the first game gave.

    This may all seem like harsh criticism, but when a game is this good you have to nitpick. I loved every minute of it! When i first heard Wheatley in the trailer a few months back i really didn't like Steve Merchant's voice. But i really grew on me and the scripting is simple fabulous for all the characters. Soaring through the air still put a big grin on my face every time i did it, especially during the second half when you're ascending the big pit. Launching a portal at the moon at the end was a simply sublime touch i wasn't expecting at all :)

    So overall the game is not 10/10. But it certainly is a 9/10 and then some :)

    NB; opinions are like arseholes, eveybody's got one :)
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