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    Got this from Lovefilm. It's quite bombastic from time to time and looks ok, but entirely understandable why it was crucified in reviews: Zero narrative. Enemies spawning behind you. Mostly rubbish weapons. Awful checkpointing. Unskippable cutscenes. Repeated assets galore. Can't pickup weapons on floor. It basically ticks all the boxes of Things-Not-To-Do-In-Shooters.

    Anyway, despite that it has a certain B-movie charm I guess. I've reached the datacore room, which I think is right near the end, and encountered the Mother of all difficulty spikes. Loads of big groups of enemies continually spawn, they're all wearing uber armour and my weapons (the two most powerful in the game, supposedly!) are totally ineffectual against them.

    I've spent almost as long trying to do this one fecking room as it took to reach this point in the first place (2.5 hours). Any tips?
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