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    Been using the Tank since January having looked back through the thread 16 pages. Never had a leak or gone through extraordinary amounts of juice once. I load up two atties at the start of the day and usually have some left over using about 3ml a day, just top up the next day. I wash the tank cartridges once a week and take apart and dry burn the atty every 2-3 weeks

    watching the bulli A2-T vid will explain it best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOsBpnRZwt0
    you have a plastic cartridge to hold the juice, and a spike holding wick above the atty coil. The tank sits on the spike and wets the wick, which touches the coil and transfers liquid. The wick absorbs more liquid as it gets used up and is helped further by suction of use.

    They are expensive but if your willing to clean them they last a long time…pretty sure one ive been using is from April.
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