#5910577, By StaticKing Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) dead

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    I was out of the country with limited internet access when I heard the news, so sorry if I'm a little late in adding my thoughts... It pretty much ruined the last two days of my break.

    Anyway, as some might probably have guessed from my username, I absolutely love Sparklehorse. They were the first proper alt band I got into during my teens, and unlike so many other artists that you like as a kid, Sparklehorse remained firmly in my affections.

    As others have said, I really can't bring myself to believe that he did it... Although his music was bleak at times, it was scattered with such beautiful sentiments and sunshine - he really seemed to appreciate the fact that since the overdose he was given a second chance...

    I'll miss Sparklehorse, their albums have been a constant source of comfort and release; and the gigs that I was lucky enough to see were amazing experiences (especially the first time I saw him at the Union Chapel).

    Oh and @spudsbuckley, yeah, just fuck off.
    I think you'll find the internet will be an infinitely more interesting place once all the idiot-trolls that are "just expressing their opinion" kindly fuck off and leave it to the grown-ups.
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