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    Loving this , Bahrain is not the best track to welcome new and indeed seasoned F1 fans . The complex in the middle is so tricky , i don't think i was ever happy with a lap due to not hooking up all the corners.
    I'm playing this with a Wheel with professional AI and aids off , 75% race distance and finding it fairly hard but enjoyable.

    I loved struggling to get my lotus into Q2 , unfortunately my best and last lap didn't quite do it and was knocked out by 0.0115.

    The race was not great as the difference between a light qualifying car and a heavy fuelled up race car is massive and so i understeered massively on the first few corners and never really caught up , but the few moments i did have racing for position were fantastic - trying every trick in the book trying to get past Di Grassi but he kept putting his car on the inside line and i just didn't have the performance to punish him on the exit due to my heavy car .

    In fact with regards to the AI i have to say they feel alive and you don't feel like you are racing automatons sticking to the line , they block and fight amongst themselves , and also crash as Kobyashi didn't finish the race - I've just got to be more consistent but it will take time , but enjoyable time :)
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