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    Well my eyes are burning and trigger finger is in pain, but it's worth it! I don't think I've played a game like this all day before, even forza was on an off compared to 5 hours straight!

    For me it's about learning the tracks I've never had the pleasure of racing before and finding that extra second on corners you thought you were pushing to the limit, then realising 30 mins later how slow you were going.

    That and the main race coupled with ever changing weather makes the experience so intense and like someone else mentioned on here when your in the zone it shows.

    One race with Virgin I placed 3rd and the next I managed 18th followed by 24th, both those were all down to me pushing too hard but that's what I love about this game, your never just cruising along in 1st everything is based on how composed you are and what choices you make have a big factor on the race. Most games just let you place in the top 3, gives you some money and your pretty much on autopilot come the 20th race.

    This game is so engaging it's always pushing you to do better! I will say I don't like he fact I seem to be out of fuel every 3 laps on practise but I'm still not used to changing gears as quickly as this game requires.

    AI is a little twitchy sometimes but the main players do make you sweat when you see them in your rear view.

    My race settings are ABS- off, Traction - on, manual gears, braking line on, fuel and tyre wear on with full damage, 7 seasons although I'm starting to wonder if I went too hardcore and 20% of the laps. Racing difficulty is intermediate which I thought needed bumping up after the first few races but changed my mind now as teams seem to be getting faster and I'm getting slower.......as expected

    Oh it's f*king good btw :D...anyone tried multiplayer yet?
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