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    neems wrote:
    My flashbacks are fine, thank God - I use them a hell of a lot.

    This game is bad ass. The only game I can think of where the better you do the less satisfying it is. Fighting tooth and nail to hang on to P17, that's where it's at.

    Saying that, I just had a qualifying session on Bahrain, slowly sliding down the grid, so I went out for one last lap to defend my P17 (as it happens) - I select flying lap, so when I appear on track the timer is at 1.05. Last chance. But I've got traffic, and no flashbacks left, so I just drive like a nutter (I hit somebody, but they let me off). Qualified 3rd, not sure how :-)

    Probably just an aberration, I'll see how the race goes before I hike it up a notch.

    Also - Melbourne in heavy rain is Godlike. I've never seen anything like it in any computer game ever.

    Good stuff.

    Yep that rain effect made me think something upstairs was leaking onto my TV best water effects I ever seen and if you can't pit in time it's game over, amazing!
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