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    shamblemonkee wrote:
    Are you wheeling it IJ?
    Yes MS wheel & pedals with wheel stand pro.

    How are u finding the wheel stand pro. Im sitting on one of these with the wheel resting on my legs\knees. The seating positoin is great. Was thinking about getting one to make the wheel a bit more stable.

    The wheel stand pro is great. Very well made, easy to fold and store away, very customisable in terms of height etc. I'd be a tad concerned about the low position you play from but I think it would be ok. Highly recommended, obviously expensive but I'm thinking it'll last forever as long as they keep releasing new adapters for new wheels.

    Thats the only reason ive not taken the plunge and bought it as i know i sit in a low position and not sure if it will suite. Maybe you could measure the height to the bottom of the base (the bit that would sit on my knee) at its lowest setting, and i can see how that compares.

    I'm looking at it now And it will definitely be fine. No only does it go very low but you'd lean the wheel 'arm' forward which will lower it as well. Basically you'll be playing like you we're IN an F1 car, legs flat and fully stretched out with the wheel only 40cm above the wheels.

    Nice one, i think i might have to make the purchase. Cheers for that.
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