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    @gamingdave - Yeah, usually in the 80s/90s realism for me, depending on the game. I tend to use manual targeting, but keep map updates on. If you do ever fancy trying manual targeting, check out the 'fast 90' technique over at subsim for the quickest, easiest to learn version. I'd be happy to talk you through it, if it's a help.

    @Richardiox - depends on you really. SH3 w/ GWX is probably the most 'complete' in terms of mods, available theatres, subs etc.

    4 concentrates on US Fleet Subs during the Pacific war, with an addon ('U-Boat Missions' now needed for most mods) that adds the German-US coast ops. 4 can be modded to most any scenario, including the full u-boat war in the Atlantic and a Japanese campaign too I believe, as well as some of the better surface-ship mods.

    5 needs a shit-ton of mods to get the best out of it, concentrates on the Atlantic u-boat war as 3 did, but with far fewer subs and much higher graphical fidelity. Still needs a beast of a pc and a fair bit of tweaking, is arguably the prettiest, but most limited in other areas. Many of these deficiencies are remedied by mods, but there are a lot, and it's taking a long time.
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