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    It doesn't really bother me, to be honest - I just got it to add a bit of variety to the game after having the guitar & drums for over three years.

    I was a little disappointed scrolling back through all my downloads from the Rock Band 2 era in the knowledge that there are no keyboard parts, but them's the breaks - I'm currently playing Driver on my Vita with no widescreen or analogue control support!

    What I find funny is how hard I found it to use the guitar at first because my left hand just wasn't nimble enough to hit the frets. With the keytar it's my right hand doing the gymnastics and once again I have that feeling of my fingers being cross-wired when a complicated set of notes arrives!

    The timing feels a lot more difficult with the keytar, too, as you can't "cheat" like with the guitar and hold the right colours down in advance.
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