#5918195, By Veracity Final Word on Wii Specs.....?

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    Wii specs are like nostalgia goggles, except they make you believe Super Mario Galaxy is the pinnacle of human endeavour.
    Josh128 wrote:
    The point is understanding exactly what you're getting when you pluck down your $$$ for a Wii.
    Video games. It's not that different from any console in that respect - it's a very locked-down, specialized computer some people make games for. If you want to play some of them enough, you'll have to buy one instead of just making do with a PC. That holds even for Digital Foundry fan types, as far as I can see - the nerdy interest there is in what people do with the technology, not what it is and whether it represents good value. Console hardware pricing has always been plain weird, and is a fairly small fraction of what it costs to play games on the things unless you're buying them for just a couple of titles.

    What "PC horseshit"?
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