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    Finished. Amazing game, most likely going to be my game of the year by a large margin. I only had a few issues with it (obviously won't spoil anything):

    1) The loading times. Holy. Fucking. Mother. Of. God. are they long. Well, they were, to be more precise. It's gotten better with the most recent patch but before that, jesus christ. This patch came out the same day it was released in the UK so you guys might not know what I mean, but I haven't seen loading like that since the PS2 generation.

    2) The boss fights. 'Nuff said really, they're just tedious and feel out of place, especially when you're playing stealthily and then Jensen suddenly barges in going "SUP BITCHES?!"

    3) The lack of choices and consequences. I don't really mind this since it's an FPS, but I would love it if the game had a bunch of choices that effected the game in a proper way and not incredibly minor ways like 'oh you get 50 less XP here' at most. Like many games these days, it only allows you to make one proper choice, and that choice merely decides which ending you get, which is a shame in my opinion.

    4) Whilst I love the stealth in the game, there were a handful of wonky moments when enemies could see me through cover or despite the fact no one could possible see me when I came out of cover, etc. This, combined with the ridiculous loading times earlier, made for some very frustrating moments.

    Still, brilliant.
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