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    Whizzo wrote:
    Hindle wrote:
    The first boss battle is bloody hard on Deus Ex difficulty, if you've yet to do it make sure you get the rocket launcher. It helps a lot.
    EMP grenades take up a lot less space and there's at least one just sitting on a box near where you start the fight.

    2 frag nades and a conc nade with some dancing around a pillar did the job for me, everyime he got hit i sprayed my machine gun in his face. He said it was a cheap tactic. I laughed.

    GreyScale wrote:
    so - did anyone preorder the Augmented edition on Steam, only to find that THEIR Augmented edition (which seems to be different to the boxed AE) doesn't include all the ingame content (extra guns, bonus mission etc)?

    Really fucked off about this as the ingame stuff is the main reason I paid the extra. Stupidly assumed that all Augmented Editions would be the same and that I wouldn't receive a bunch of shitty TF2 hats instead of the proper content that everyone else is getting.

    Getting really sick of all this fucking about with preorders these days, which retailer offers which bonuses, do steam have it, don't steam have it etc

    Did you typed the extra code in you normally got? You need to do it before you start the game otherwise it doesn't count.
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