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    neems wrote:
    I am deeply worried about the guy who finds the 2nd hub boring ^.

    I've been using the 'play stealthy, but if they shoot, shoot back' approach. So I was in China - I was doing a 'thing' - and I stopped by the Alice Garden Pods, to see Mr Windmill. TYM attacked, and I reluctantly gave Windmill my partially upgraded Rifle (no way he was getting my 10mm) and prepared to leave. I was going to do my normal skulking plus occasional KO, when I realised that I was several floors up, next to an atrium(?)

    I skulked up to the rail, about to Icarus my way to safety (and look cool while doing it), when I saw all the bodies. The fuckers killed everybody in the building. I wasn't having it. Stun gun put away, safety off, 10mm with silencer, laser sight, damage upgrade and armour piercing at the ready.

    I went through the gardens, X-Raying the walls and headshotting corporate mercs. And it was good. Cloaked my way past the turret, defused the mines, and strolled out whistling Dixie.

    I don't know if playing the whole game as a psychopath would play out well, but it's nice to occasionally let go.

    It does the job for me on my first playthrough. I always have 4 weapons in my inventory. Silenced and upgraded pistol, upgraded sub rifle, silenced and upgraded combat rifle, heavy machine gun and occasionally a shotty. I play it stealthy but when i get discovered they die. Droids are easy aswell for me. I just take out the heavy machine gun and go in a standoff, whoever fires first wins. :)
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