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    Stockings wrote:
    It's like most games so the problems are ok, pffffff.
    The game didn't make it clear how to free the hostages, I approached them and pressed blue, they talked crap and nothing happened.
    The guys voice is monotone and gruff, so cheesy.

    The melee is a cutscene that shows canned animations from a cinematic angle, seems jarring and unnecessary.
    The locations are samey and boring SO FAR because of the "stylish" colour palette.

    Clearly we've been playing different games. It doesn't make it clear how to free the hostages? Did you even notice the bomb with the acces panel or are you playing with a blindfold on? Besides, you don't even have to free hostages, it's perfectly fine if you fail as the game is about choice.
    Yes the voice is monotone and gruff, it fits the game perfectly. Nothing cheesy about it really, just monotone and gruff.

    Locations are the same and boring (so far)? This is a sci-fi cyberpunk setting. Do you really expect rainbow colours? Yes the "stylish" palette can be debattable as either you love it or you hate it but again, it's sci-fi cyberpunk, go with the flow. It's very clear from the screenshots and video's that this style is visible throughout the whole game. Why are you torturing yourself then? It's a rough future (and a very it could be possible in 20years) setting and i agree that some more daytime would've been nice but it would be a totally different game then, not certain if it would be better.

    I could place myself in your shoes and know instantly that this isn't my kind of game, the game opens up a lot more after the first 3-4 hrs so give it some more time but if you don't like the first hub you should stop playing and trade it in while it still has value.

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