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    Heh. Kal's post reminds me of when I went with a Swindon-supporting mate to a game at Chesterfield a few years ago, and Carl Muggleton was playing in nets for Chesterfield.

    As there weren't many away fans in the paddock, me and my mate were stood right at the front, behind the goal. We were on the outside of a beer or two, and were yelling some right abuse at the Home players.

    Muggleton placed the ball for a goal-kick and strode back a few paces. I took my chance and yelled, for no reason whatsoever other than boistrousness: 'MUGGLETON YOU C*NT!'. I hadn't taken into account the difference in acoustics between 'my' home ground (Old Trafford) and the Spireites' shed.

    Mr Muggleton turned around and, rather than the retaliative volley of abuse I was expecting, looked me right in the eye and gave me this expression :'(

    I felt like a proper tool (which, to be fair, I was) and said, quite quietly, with head fairly-well bowed: '...sorry' to which he said: 'no bother pal' which, if anything, made it all the worse.

    In short: Carl Muggleton is not a c*nt, and I'm sorry for suggesting otherwise.
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