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  • Jazzy 29 Sep 2004 10:36:01 1 posts
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    monkeyspasm wrote:
    WOPR wrote:
    monkeyspasm wrote:
    On my SD card I've also got Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door (Class old Comic Strip comedy)
    "Look, just because my name's Jolly, doesn't mean I have to be jolly all the fucking time"

    If only they'd do it on DVD, my VHS is rather tired now...

    I know. I was excited to download a (vhs quality) rip just because i knew it wouldn't degrade once i had it digitally. Mr. Jolly NEEDS a DVD release.

    "Escorts Bestcorts! Come in if you're saucy!"

    Could you share with us where we can download this classic comedy from???????????? (Mr Jolly Lives Next Door)
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