#5931001, By ploder Are the Net Police Coming for You? (Panorama 15 March at 8.30pm)

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    So much ignorance on this topic...

    Vroom! wrote:
    Who are these muppets who think it's not stealing? Really!
    I hate to burst your bubble but it really isn't stealing. Don't buy into the propaganda of the record industries. It isn't like taking a physical object away from the owner so he no longer has it. We are talking about a copy being made which leaves the original intact. It is closer to photocopying a book than theft hence the term 'copyright infringement' - ie making a copy of something without the permission of the person who holds the rights in it. But why let something as insignificant as the truth stand in the way when there are people to demonize?

    Another thing which I find hilarious (as it will only end up hurting them) is that they assume that the person downloading illegally would have gone out and bought the content were it not for the illegal option. There is no evidence for this and yet they keep lobbying gov for harsher laws on this premise. It is just as plausible that the 'pirate' wouldn't buy anything as they didn't have the money or use a free legal service instead.

    No because it goes against their MUSIC PIRATES ARE FILTHY CRIMINALS THAT SHOULD BE LOCKED UP argument.
    lol. You realise that making copies of music you have legitimately bought (for your digital music player for e.g) is considered piracy too don't you?

    If these kinds of laws get through I won't be infringing the copyright of rights holders (not that I do in the first place) but I also will definitely not be buying their music either. I'll be using legal free music services like Jamendo.

    Will these laws just boost support for the Pirate Party UK?
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