#5931228, By ploder Are the Net Police Coming for You? (Panorama 15 March at 8.30pm)

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    FWB wrote:
    ploder... you're arguing with a lawyer (not me).

    Just thought you should know. :)

    Don't worry mate I'm just trying to help you understand so you don't go supporting draconian laws based on untruth.

    They did not 'steal' any money. They did not put their hands in the pocket of the person who made it and pull out a crisp 20. They made a copy of it. You could try arguing that the rights holder 'lost' money but that would be a flawed argument too as you would have to prove that but for the illegal copying they would have gone out and bought the content.

    FWB wrote: Argument doesn't fly. A guy nicking a CD could argue he'd have never bought it.

    You have misconstrued what I said. If it is a physical copy and he takes it without permission it is theft. Making copies and distributing something in digital form is not theft because the original is not taken. It does not matter how good the copy is. It only matters that it is not in physical form any more ;)

    PearOfAnguish wrote:
    Hunam wrote:
    To be honest, it's just a stupid argument of semantics. People don't mean the exact legal definition of everything they say.

    No they don't, and that's fine for endless arguments about it on the internet, but when we get adverts telling us that downloading a movie is stealing when it is quite clearly not theft under English law, then there's a problem. It's things like that are used to justify ridiculous laws like the one the Lib Dems stupidly slipped in Mandelson's bill about censoring web sites.

    You've hit the nail on the head. That's what I always try to get people to see. Unfortunately they get on their high horse and go into pitch fork mode.

    [/u]car argument[/u]
    It is not like stealing a car. The crucial difference that the car is a PHYSICAL object. The copy is a DIGITAL REPRODUCTION. You can of course steal a copy but it does not happen that way when dl or ul 'ing. The copy has to be in a physical form for it to be stolen. When you download and upload stuff it is in a digital form hence copyright infringement and not theft.

    See, I knew we'd get there in the end. No need to through insults around but I have a tough skin ;)

    Have I helped people to see through the web of deceit that those lobbying gov will try and ensnare you with into supporting draconian law?
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