#5931382, By ploder Are the Net Police Coming for You? (Panorama 15 March at 8.30pm)

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    AngeleDei wrote:
    @Ploder, I was very careful not to call it theft and I didn't.

    As for pirates going on to buy what they download, I know for a fact that I haven't and nor have most people I know. Films I've seen illegally in the past I very, very rarely went out and bought (unless it was an amazing film) and people who amass large record collections (100's of GB) will also not go out and get the legal copies of them as they cant afford to. Sure they "may" spend more on CDs and films and PC games than the average guy, but that is because its their interest / hobby. Other people are spending their money on whatever else they do that they are into. Difference is, they tend not to have tons and tons or the latest and greatest of whatever it is, because they cant get it for free by copying it illegally.

    Anyway, cant say I really care. I know its illegal and if I do it I will risk a huge fine, so I dont. I know there are worse crimes that get punished less, but that is life sadly. People who do it can do it for all I care. I just dont agree with the "victimless crime", "its big Business and they can afford it" or "I'm fighting the Man" lines.
    I noticed that. Clearly someone who has his/her head firmly on their shoulders and doesn't get propagandized easily ;)

    It may very well be the case that people download things which they won't go and buy, but for the purposes of the law and my argument it is up to the claimant to make a case and for a fair trial to proceed on an evidential basis not:

    'We accuse you of being a thief therefore we're going to ask your ISP to cut you off or restrict you.'

    We know whose side the gov has chosen and their position on civil liberties ;)

    If anyone takes away something from what I write then please let it be the following summary:

    - Criminal offence (beyond reasonable doubt)
    - Dishonestly taking property from owner without intention to give it back
    - Property tends to be physical things like cars, books, bags, computers, discs, usually anything you can lay your hands on.

    [u]Copyright Infringment[/u]
    - Civil offence (balance of probabilities)
    - Making copies of works without the copyright owner's permission
    - Works tend to be the the way something is done (it's expression) rather than the physical object e.g copying books, software in digital form, patterns rather than the cloth itself, movies/games/music in digital form etc
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