#6972176, By Emmit_Assassin Bad Company 2 - Readers Night

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    I actually enjoyed the games. Even though we were completely outplayed, I thought the party chat banter was a great 'bonding experience', and I really enjoyed it.
    In the second 'proper' game I was determined to knife someone, anyone! But all I managed to was to be repeatedly killed by repair tools.
    The comments went from 'A armed! One guy coming in....damn, disarmed. B armed! Nice one!' to more along the lines of 'I think I killed someone! I swear I just did!' and 'I got one kill and fifteen deaths.'
    And I do think we saw a few tactics we can employ and learn from. No game Thursday now, but I will ask NaN if they want another game.
    There is another clan - NGF on the EA froums who took those guys from last night on and got raped the same way. They'd like a game. I said provided they're not all level 50's and we've all stopped having naightmares, perhaps a game next week with them?
    Sent Fu NaN Stu a message asking for a game thursday night. See what he says. I liked those guys.
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