#6974167, By Emmit_Assassin Bad Company 2 - Readers Night

  • Emmit_Assassin 10 Feb 2011 13:32:14 752 posts
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    anathema wrote:
    Sounds good, especially if the two teams are reasonably balanced. Who's organising things tonight and do they mind if I dive in?
    As Acid said, everyone is welcome! Change your clan tag to EG, make sure you bring you're swearing head, and bring the rain! My GT is Daddy Doom Bar. I'll be the one hurtling towards AT mines. Don't get in a vehicle with me if you can help it.
    I'll be on at 9. Or maybe earlier. He did say 9 to 10pm, so I doubt we'll be in full flow till 10pm anyways.
    We were perfectly matched with NaN the last time, hopefully this time it'll be the same tense battles.
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