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    agparrot wrote:
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    I'm in for tonight too managed to finish everything I had to do for tomorrow :) I am really trying hard to get that gold medal for that disgusting pistol that shoots in bursts ! I just hate it ....

    I used to hate that gun, too. Of late, however, I have been trying to teach myself to like it a little more. It is never going to have the full-on blast power of the magnum or the general awesomeness of the '45, but actually it makes a decent backup I have found when contesting Mcoms inside small rooms and the like. If you have already managed to injure people with your primary weapon, it is also a way of being more likely to hit with at least one more hit, in those tight little short range fights.

    It's just so hard to hit some one with it when you are under the pressure of him shooting at you even if you shot him first. And if i hit some one with a sniper and he survives he mostly never gets hit by the pistol no matter how hard I try with it ! I'll just use it when it comes to close quarters then :)
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