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    ronuds wrote:
    Terrorist wrote:
    I don't know who else was with me on the NaN side but ... i had nightmares about that what happened last night ... I felt the only thing a managed to accomplish is give 5 medics the good old C4 and shoot gun before you took the last M-Com on that snowy map.

    I was for 1 game. If I had to go through that again, I probably would quit. :p

    You had no organization, though. In the squad I was on, 1 guy sat back 10 miles away and sniped the whole time and the other kept running willy-nilly right into the heart of battle.

    Nahhh it wasn't my fault ! I did not even know anything about NaN. I was just forced to defect like the boss did in MGS so they could kill me honorably ! Sorry I could join the last raid since i don't yet have Vietnam :(
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