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    Zombitedesade wrote:
    Terrorist wrote:
    OK that's the last time I play against that Derreck guy ! He must have taken my dog tags 3 times :S. Well I got my payback ! I made it as bloody as possible took Bretts and I think Zombies one and a few more just because I was sad :(

    What!! Whats your xbox live name Terrorist? Someone did indeed get may tags that match.. actually several people did! it was a complete cluster fuck that match for the non EG team! I think you got me and another (prob random) right next to each other at one point...

    First match i joined i was massively outclassed by you guys... the crates were flashing and being taken quicker then i could re-spawn... the randoms were doing sod all sadly. A sad tale of woe indeed.

    Indeed, that was my blade. xXxPaTR1oTxXx and the guy next to you was Brett I'm not sure though I'll have to check the tags. Sorry I was sad because of that unknown Derreck guy raping everything that moved.
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