#7458664, By Bad Company 2 - Readers Night

  • Deleted user 13 May 2011 18:09:59
    I'll dive in on the session, if that's allright. Thouroughly enjoyed myself last night, despite the outcome.

    I enjoyed giving some of them "The Rounds" with defib/knife/drill. :)

    @Acid I left after the attack/defend on both maps, was just under the impression it was all over. :)

    Other highlight of the night was arica, we were fighting them off our spawn point and a UAV came low, chasing us! Waaaahhh! Hilarious!

    I can always mix in with the Nan lot if you get a full team. Either way, I'm just gonna go out there and have a BLOODY GOOD TIME! As usual....

    (Even last night's diversion into Heavy Metal Conquest was hilarious!)
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