#8080297, By Bad Company 2 - Readers Night

  • Deleted user 17 October 2011 15:02:47
    Aah, Just to mention too. As you know when you jump in with us "EMC"'ers we're not a die hard clan. Because we're all close pals, (Ballsy - younger bro, Phalsh, Mad, his mates, Vev - best mate, Jenniek - the missus, amongst others) are pretty much in the same area. So we decided on EMC, and went out to see how many of the die hard clans we could upset.

    Turns out now, quite a few people see us as some hardcore clan. We're not, just like to shake things up.

    Alastair, DDB, the other night, we had some awesome tight play matches, loving the change in play styles too. I've always been aggressive style, get up in their face, keep the action flowing, make them nip a little bit!

    Looking forward to these sessions, and also getting some BF3 action in too, we've all got to get in the Battlelog action too. In fact, I think I may play BC2 in a little while, right in the mood for that now.
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