#5940739, By ploder Should mephedrone be banned?

  • ploder 18 Mar 2010 10:58:08 243 posts
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    No it should not be banned. I'm sick of this knee-jerk reaction to law making. Every time someone dies the 'something must be done' sentiment builds up and encourages further restrictions to be put upon us. Mephedrone has perfectly legitimate and legal uses as a plant fertilizer. If they sniff petrol should we ban petrol? What about paint striper? There are a lot of things which have legitimate uses but are harmful if abused. Why should those not taking it as a drug be punished for the actions of fools?

    All these kinds of bans only end up hurting those who actually abide by the law. Those wanting to get high will just move onto something else. The result is like breaking the floor beneath our feet, with those seeking to get high just hopping onto another tile.
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