#5947931, By bbbecks Women now prefer feminine looking men over their more rugged counterparts

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    bigshot316 wrote:
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    bbbecks is indeed superfine, but she's taken and she doesn't post outside of the Dead Parrots forum these days so that doesn't really count, Biggie.

    Well boooooo that is rubbish and makes me a saaaad panda! :-(

    I dont venture out here due to fear, mainly. Anyway thought I'd offer my two pence;

    yes, I think femine men are taking over as the preferred by many woman mainly thanks to Hollywoods pretty boys being rammed down our throats (is aware that sentence is pure sarcasm/joke fodder). As you get older the more manly wants take over.

    Personally as I think about this it's a pretty even split for me. I love men with beards, proper ones and tall men with broad shoulders but not rugby player esq as they must have a more femine shape. I don't like butch. Beard must be teamed with pretty eyes and pouty lips. I like scruffy and rugged but with nice shoes. A man who looks like he would enjoy dragging a girl back to his cave as much as being in Topshop.

    Obviously personality wins everytime though.

    Oh and Sport; I am not emo!
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