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    Gambit1977 wrote:
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    Elite has never really had a proper update , on consoles at least , I know there were a few PC clones ...

    I was thinking the same the other day. Make it more like Serenity in style, and we have a winner :-)
    Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. Hardwar's more of an Elite clone and less of a space Western, but might tenuously qualify. The free-form stuff was weak in I-War 2 - you really felt like it was in there because people kept clamouring for it, but Particle Systems was much more at home stringing together ultra-scripted missions.

    It's impossible to update Elite, at least in a way that a decent proportion of people who think they want an Elite update would acknowledge. In modern terms, it's an absolute heap of arse, but what those people want is an update to the Elite in their heads. Privateer probably did the best job of overhauling Elite 1 without significantly messing with its components. Space Rangers 2 is the best update to the Elite in my head, but doesn't even have pseudo flight sim controls.

    What's the modern equivalent of Lords of Midnight? It has remakes, so doesn't quite qualify for the thread's premise. Heroes of Might and Magic/clones, maybe?

    Rebelstar/X-Com seems to be a fairly dead idea, unless you count console SRPGs. People do seem to try reasonably regularly, though (see yet more Jagged Alliance 3 rumblings of late) - just rarely produce anything many people really want to play.
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